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Danielle Adjoubel

French ceramics artist Danielle Adjoubel studied at the acclaimed Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres workshop and The Greta School of Art in Paris. Using the skills and experience she has developed, and drawing on her mixed French and Turkish cultural heritage, she creates unique and individual ceramic and porcelain pieces to order, applying traditional techniques to both classical Iznik and modern contemporary design.

From her bright workshop full of ceramic samples, Danielle designs and creates a wide range of pieces, including mural panels for houses and swimming pools, ceramic tiles, large plates, bowls, vases and original tableware. She decorates each ceramic base personally using porcelain painting, under-glazed earthenware, cloisonné, glazing and majolica work.

Lustre example

She has mastered the intricate skills required for the decoration of stoneware, earthenware and lava in figurative, modern and traditional styles (such as Delft, Moustiers and Vieux Rouen) and more particularly in the oriental style (Ottoman, Iznik and Persian). She well deserves her growing reputation as a rare and exceptional artist in this field. She also creates contemporary porcelain and ceramic pieces with modern effects - gold, platinum and lustres (inset).


Danielle Adjoubel creates all her own designs, colours and glazes individually. With an extensive range of original artwork, she uses her skill and knowledge to create individual pieces for each client. Client confidentially is always maintained, with the ultimate location of each piece never mentioned unless full authorization has been given.

Different types of clay are used depending on the order (porcelain, earthenware, stoneware), and also whether the piece is to be based in or outdoors. A white coating is frequently added- or even quartz- for an extra white background so that the colours reflect more intensely.

All colours are individually created by Danielle in her own workshop. She uses a uniquely specific combination of pigments which have to be tested to the correct temperature before final application. This work is both delicate and time-consuming. Firing can be anywhere from 760° to 1200°. Each piece of clay reacts in its own way, so the final opening of the kiln is always a stressful experience - delight or disaster!

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One of her most stylish collections is influenced by oriental art – Ottoman, Iznik, Islamic and Persian – with bright colours and designs rooted in the traditions for each style. Tiles and bisques are of handmade earthenware and she utilizes glazed stoneware and lava for areas where pieces need to be waterproof. Danielle's contemporary collection contain a variety of Art Deco, stylish ceramic and porcelain pieces with exquisite decoration on fine white porcelain from Limoges, France. She is one of only a few individuals still working in the beautiful and unpredictable field of lustreware...to stunning effect.