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Danielle Adjoubel's custom made art pieces are commissioned; made individually based upon the unique needs of every client.

There are key milestones during the creation process that are important in delivering you a unique and high quality ceramic art piece you'll keep for generations to come. Here is what you can expect.













After your initial contact, a briefing call is set up to determine exact art requirements, including sizes, placement, style, and any other requirements you may have. ​Client confidentially is always maintained.

Danielle will create a custom design based on her years of experience and your unique tastes. She has a vast knowledge in diverse art styles and techniques, and can cater for every taste and space. Read more about Danielle's techniques and design process.

Approval of designs is done most easily over email and WhatsApp exchanges, and is necessary to start production. 

Production process is the most time consuming part of the process and the most delicate, using age-old techniques, including the creation of colors from scratch.

Generally, two months is required from down-payment to delivery. We pride ourselves on delivering within this two month period, with exceptions only for larger scale pieces. Due to the fragile nature of ceramics, finished art is packaged with extra care and special methods to ensure they arrive safely to clients, no matter where the location. We have completed orders for clients around the world.

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