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Iznik and Contemporary Ceramics for sale

Iznik ceramics, Contemporary ceramics and porcelain pieces for sale, beautifully crafted and handmade to order by a truly gifted ceramic artist.

A French-born artist of Turkish origin, Danielle Adjoubel creates unique ceramic and porcelain pieces using traditional techniques. She supplies customized tiles for mural panels (reception rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or swimming pools) - cf, mural panels-, large plates, bowls, vases, original tableware and decorative objects. Pieces are typically fired at 980° at least three or four times, depending on the final finish required (gold or lustre).

From her bright workshop, Danielle takes pride in working with individual customers to discuss specific requirements, using her knowledge and creativity to produce ceramic and porcelain pieces of highly individual design and exquisite workmanship. Her Contemporary porcelain collection combines traditional and modern styles to give stunning results for modern tastes and living. New collections are exhibited regularly and customized pieces are shipped to clients all over the world.

Iznik Art is a style and way of life depicting imaginative and stylised flowers (e.g. iznik tulips), animals, ships and other natural themes. Its intricate lines require the maintenance of both rigour and perfection, demanding exquisite still and dexterity together with artistic flair. Iznik art was born in Ottoman Turkey (XV – XVIII centuries) when the empire was at peace, and artists from across the world were invited to come and work at the Sultan's Court. Potters and ceramic artists started practising this art in the ancient city of Nicea (known as Iznik today).

The Iznik style and methods of decoration evolved slowly over time. The meticulous research into colours; the whiteness of the clay; the motives and the freedom given to artists in their designs- all of this contributed to make Iznik Art one of the major cultural movements of all time. Due to the intricate firing process and unique chemical reactions in the kiln, creating each piece of Iznik ceramics is always a challenge!