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The new clay which was sourced from and made in Italy, reacted well after glazing and firing. It is a lovely white shade, remains light weight after firing, and is decorated on both sides.

It was definitely worth the time to make it: elegant, thin, and strong!

Diameter: 25cm, Height: 8cm, Thickness: 3mm, Weight: Only 500gram 

Reknown french ceramicist Theodore Deck (19 century) made a beautiful large dish with this pattern. It was last sold at auction by Christies in 2012 for 3750€! The original dish is 50cm diameter. I've adapted the pattern showing shades of blue on a 36cm charger sourced from Italy. The famous Theodore Deck’s blue is wonderful and other photos are available on request!

Diameter: 36cm, Height: 12cm, Thickness: 3mm, Weight: 1.6kg

Decorated both sides, this 20cm piece completes the set of three.


The three pieces look wonderful on display together, complimentary in design and size, and can be purchased for decoration or use with food.

Diameter: 20cm, Height: 6cm, Thickness: 3mm, Weight: 300grams. 

Danielle Adjoubel 

Paris born and trained artist.

Custom designed and handmade ceramics.

Shipped around the world.

Email Danielle to order your own custom designed art piece or replica for your home or business. 

Exhibiting and media inquiries welcome.

E:  danielle@adjoubel.com

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